Air Ambulances across the Globe

Aero Medical ambulance Service links with a fleet of dedicated intensive care air ambulance jets which can be activated at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The aircraft are fully equipped with state of the art medical technology, and staffed with highly qualified medical personnel. So that patients who have fallen ill or who have been injured all over the world can be treated and transported as fast as possible. All aircraft are designed to carry up to two stretchers, and offers bedside to bedside support of the medical team without any additional costs. This means that the medical crews will pick up a patient at the hospital of origin and deliver the patient to the receiving hospital. Medical treatment on board the air ambulances strictly adheres to the highest international standards.

Aero Medical Ambulance Service offers a worldwide, unrestricted, air ambulance service. No matter where the patients are, we can transport them where and when they wish. Access to a large and ready to fly fleet, we can guarantee quick operational activation with the shortest lead times. The air ambulance aircraft are strategically based in the heart of Europe.

If you require this 24 hour service please call us on 020 3651 5129 or email us onĀ