When planning an event there can be multiple number of factors you need to consider, food, drink, entertainment, but what about medical professionals? It is crucial that your event has a team of medical representatives in order to be present in circumstances that may arise.

What Events Would I Need Medical Professionals to Be Present At?

If you are organising an event, you are required to ensure people attending the event are safe and the event environment is secure. This doesn’t just mean the guests who are paying to attend your event; this includes staff, volunteers, officials, media and the general public.

Here at Aero Medical Ambulance Services, we understand how important it is for experts like ourselves to be present at events. Whether your event is a corporate, small event or a popular, busy festival; it is always crucial to have a team of medical professionals.

Here are some examples of factors in which you will need a medical expert:

Sporting Events – By nature, all sporting events have a high risk of injury.

Large Crowded Events – Large crowds always have a high risk, multiple people in a space can sometimes be dangerous, understanding the circumstances and preventing injury is key.

Alcohol Present Events – Alcohol can be a brilliant yet dangerous aspect at events, especially large ones.

Giving You Peace of Mind

Employing an expert, professional medical team such as us here at Aero Medical Ambulance Services gives you peace of mind as the event organiser. As the event organiser, if you did not have a medical team present you would be responsible for any incident that occurs during the duration of your event. Putting on events can be a major risk and high liability; would you prefer to minimise the pressure from yourself and let professionals be by your side throughout?

Aero Medical Ambulance Services will work with you to identify hazards and create a plan to address the hazards should an incident occur. Even the most extravagant, expensive and high-quality entertainment events can be subject to an emergency. To be certain that your event is a success, call Aero Medical Ambulance Services today on 020 3651 5129.

Our Tips for Event Organisers

  • Medical services should be provided for the entire event, from beginning to end, the installation and breakdown of an event can be just as dangerous as when the event is taking place.
  • Event personnel should know where the medical teams are located.
  • Ensure that all medical vehicles can enter and exit the event quickly and most importantly safely.
  • Provide information for everyone attending your event on where to go and seek medical help if required – this can easily be done by posters and signs.
  • If the event is over a weekend, and people are camping, you will require an over-night medical team.

Get in Touch

If you feel as though your event requires a professional and expert medical team present, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Aero Medical Ambulance Services today on 020 3651 5129.

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